Spiderman Party

     Does your child like Spider-Man? Spider-Man on a children’s birthday is a great gift to each and every kid who knows and loves this superhero. Teenager Peter Parker was bitten by an infected spider, so he came into supernatural power. This brave hero fights against evil and invites courageous guys to make the children’s holiday a real superhero school. Exciting competitions and games, as well as weaving a web await children at the event. You can also invite the Black Spider-Man.

The Amazing Spiderman 

Number of children: up to 10 
Entertainment program: Mini Disco, active games, and search for hidden treasures

60 min = 2390 SEK Special offer 1999 kr!*

90 min = 2790 SEK Special offer 2399 kr!*

Planet Rondo Planet Rondo

The Amazing Spiderman against Black Spiderman

Number of children: up to 25

Two entertainers 60 min = 2899 SEK Special offer 2599 kr!*

Two entertainers 90 min = 3399 SEK Special offer 2999 kr!*


*Special offer valid until 15/06/2019

* You can have maximum 10 children per one entertainer.  In case you have more than 10 kids please book two characters

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