Why do children the movie Frozen? Frozen is about Princess Anna who embarks on a magical journey with the mountain man Kristoffer and his reindeer Sven, to find her sister Elsa. Here are some of the reasons why the film is the best and why children love the movie.
1. The songs are brilliant. The music is absolutely wonderful. That’s what we like about Disney movies, the music fits so well with the story.
2. Fresh theme. In Froozen The Snow Queen Elsa saves herself. It’s about the love of sibling, rather than a typical romantic love story.
3. Kids love OLAF. Everyone knows that Olaf likes warm hugs. Olaf is a very fun and different character, a living snowman
4. The dress. Elsa’s dress is so incredibly popular. An fantastically beautiful and detailed dress with embellishments. All little girls want to dress as Elsa. You can book Frost on kids. Book us here

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