To celebrate children’s birthday parties together with our cheerful clowns is a fun and exciting adventure for children and parents. Entertainment program starts with a mini theater for children (5-10 min), followed by fun games for the kids to get to know each other. The focus is on the birthday child. Our Clowns will dance with the children, sing “Happy Birthday”, blow the balloon objects and characters and paint on the faces. At the end of the program children will also learn how to blow simple balloon characters.

Duration: 60 min or 90 min
Number of children up to 20 *

One Clown 60 min = 2390 SEK Special Offer: 1999 SEK 

Two Clowns 60 min = 2899 SEK Special Offer! 2499 SEK

Two Clowns 90 min = 3399 SEK Special Offer! 2999 SEK*

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*Special offer valid until 15/06/2019 

* 60 min two Clowns includes face painting.

* 90 min two Clowns includes face painting and twisting show