Big bubbles show

     Soap Bubbles! These magic soap membranes shimmering in the light of the most incredible shades are able to captivate the attention of people of any age. Blowing soap bubbles is always associated with positive emotions and memories of childhood. When this game turned into a really spectacular show, it firmly occupied the top positions among the most popular activities in many countries of the CIS. Now it became possible to order the soap bubble show in Sweden also. We can arrange soap show in the street, at home, in the kindergartens, schools, children’s centers, and cafes. Of course, the most exciting and fascinating moment of the event is a surprisingly large, giant soap bubble, within which can be any participant of the holiday. Duration of the show is 35 minutes.

25 min Big Bubbles Show = 2399 SEK 1999 SEK*

*Special offer valid until 15/06/2019


bubbles_2 bubbles_4