Our motto is: It’s fun to have fun 😀


Do your children believe in Superman or Pikachu? Are your kids waiting for Santa Claus? Do you want to surprise all the children and even the parents? If that is true you’ve come to the right place!


Our mission.

Planet Rondo fulfill children’s dreams. Our mission is to spread happiness through fun activities as dancing, singing and playing. With us, parents and children having fun together, we have activities suitable for both children and adults. We don´t think children should have to use tablets or other “electronic toys” to be happy. Movement, jumping, active games and fantastic fancy dresses creates happy kids.



Initially Planet Rondo was based on the idea of making the same kind of entertainment in Sweden as you can see abroad in family hotels for example in Cyprus, Greece or Turkey. We have worked at various hotels in Cyprus; St.Raphael in Limassol, Sunrise Beach and Sunrise Pearl in Protaras and we have taken  all the experience from Cyprus to Sweden. Kids club, mini disco, treasure hunt with pirates, Indians against Cowboys and much more, you can now order at Planet Rondo in Sweden.


Our name.

What does Planet Rondo mean? We often get the question, why is the company called Planet Rondo? Our inspiration comes from the fairy tale The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. We created our own “Planet” where adults and children can feel special and happy. The word “rondo” comes from the French word “Rondeau”, meaning “round”. We have a favorite dance “Superheroes” where all the children stand in a circle and go around.

      Why hire us?

– We relieve parents from the stress that kids party often mean

– Our entertainers look real with their beautiful costumes and wigs

– Entertainment at affordable prices