Does your child like princesses?

     Make your kid’s dreams come true!  

     Invite Elsa and Anna or another princess to your child’s Birthday Party and spread the happiness in your house.

– All our princesses look like real heroes from a cartoon with their beautiful clothes and tidy wigs.
– The visit can take 45, 60 or 90 minutes.
– The program includes: Singing together ”Let it Go”, mini-disco time and games. If you book 60 or 90 min. program , face painting, and balloon figures art are included. Games that we play with kids will depend on their age group. For example: Hide And Seek, Limbo, 123 Red Light game etc.

     At the end of the party, we are welcoming all kids to take pictures together.

Anna or Elsa ( one princess)

 Number of children up to 13 *

60 min = 2290 SEK Special Offer! 1799 SEK*

90 min = 2490 SEK Special Offer! 1999 SEK*

Planet Rondo Planet Rondo

Planet Rondo Planet Rondo

* 60 and 90 min packages have Frozen theme face painting included. 90 min package includes balloons art.


Elsa and Anna (two princesses for Birthday Party)

Number of children up to 25 *

60 min = 2699 SEK Special Offer! 2399 SEK*

90 min = 3199 SEK Special Offer! 2799 SEK*

Planet Rondo

Planet Rondo 

*60 min and 90 min package includes FROZEN themed face painting . 90 min package also includes balloon figures and Big Bubbles Show.

NOTE! The prise for Elsa’s program is higher than Rapunzel and Snow White due to the high request.

Rapunzel or Snow White

30 min = 1490 SEK  Special Offer! 899 SEK*

60 min = 2190 SEK  Special Offer! 1699 SEK*

* Special offer is valid until 11/11/2017

*  The program with one entertainer allows to have up to 13 kids which is included in the price. One character can manage a maximum amount of 13 children. In case you have more than 13 kids on your coming event, please book two characters so we can take care of all the kids.

* Prices are valid only for private orders. For corporate events, please make an inquiry via email