Frozen Birthday Party


     Does your child like princess Anna, princess Elsa and snowman Olof from the cartoon Frozen? Would they love to play and dance with the friends from Frozen? Invite Elsa, Anna and even Olof to your home and have a magical birthday party for your child . Our princesses and snowman look exactly like in the cartoon with their beautiful costumes. Enterteiment program includes mini disco, fun games for children and parents and face painting. Princesses and snowman will sing together with kids a famous song “Let It Go”



  Elsa Anna Olof

60 min Elsa, Anna and Olof = 3799 SEK  Special Offer! 3299 SEK 

Entertainment program: Mini disco, games, song “Let it go” and Frozen face painting + Bonus Gift for birthday child

DSC_0094 DSC_0077 DSC_0111

Elsa and Anna

60 min = 2699 SEK Special Offer! 2399 SEK*

90 min = 3199 SEK Special Offer! 2799 SEK**

Mini disco, games, song “Let it go” and Frozen face painting*

** Mini disco, games, song “Let it go”, Frozen face painting, twisting + Bonus Big Bubbles Show

Planet Rondo

Elsa or Anna (one princess) 

60 min = 2290 SEK Special Offer! 1799 SEK*

90 min = 2490 SEK Special Offer! 1999 SEK**

*Mini disco, games, song “Let it go”, Frozen face painting

** Mini disco, games, song “Let it go”, Frozen face painting + twisting show

Planet Rondo Planet Rondo

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* Special Offer valid until 11/11/2017

* All the images of our entertainers are genuine.

*  The program with one entertainer allows to have up to 13 kids which is included in the price. One character can manage a maximum amount of 13 children. In case you have more than 13 kids on your coming event, please book two characters so we can take care of all the kids.

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